Welcome LOW CARB LIFE as our member. It’s a great pleasure to have you here, we are also aware of the interesting opportunities for spanish companies to colaborate with you in this special field of Low carbonate products.

Low Carb Life ApS

Low Carb Life ApS is a Danish company that sells foods with a low carbohydrate via webshop.
For example, various types of bread, pasta products, tortillas, bread crusts, dressings, bread mixes, sweets and snacks.
Most of our products we buy in Sweden, Germany or Italy.
KETO and LCHF are very common in Sweden and Norway, and in the USA it is really big.
We feel convinced that the market will also grow in Denmark, which is also supported by our sales figures.
Our customers shop with us due to lifestyle, dieting, or because for various reasons they do not tolerate too much sugar / carbohydrates / gluten in the food.
We are constantly looking for new and exciting products for our webshop, containing as few carbohydrates as possible. If the products are also gluten-free, and without too many additives, they will fit perfectly in our range.
Our goal is to get more products with private labels, so we can offer to be a supplier to other stores.
Our goal is also to direct our marketing / sales towards other European countries.

Direct contact information:

Low Carb Life ApS

Finn Vestergaard/Director