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Welcome/Bienvenido Jacob Lund Agger as a member

Welcome Jacob Lund Agger as our member. It’s a great pleasure to have you here, we would like to point out the interesting opportunities for spanish sport- and leisure sectors to colaborate with you in this special field as well as the important impact on growing leaders and talent within companies as natural strategies.

Since 2011, Endura Consulting has provided individual training solutions to endurance athletes of all ages and genders. The company is mainly specialized in cycling training and coaching within the disciplines road cycling, mountainbike, cyclocross and gravel. The goal is to provide high-level training services to recreational, competitive and elite athletes. Furthermore, the company offers training consulting services to cycling and mountainbike clubs and communities.

Jacob Lund Agger is the owner and head coach of the company. He is an exercise physiologist with more than 12 years of experience working in the professional training and coaching industry. As a coach, he is paying great attention to the coach-athlete relation, the personal needs of an athlete and combining this with a highly scientific training approach. Besides working with individual athletes, Jacob is a training consultant for road cycling and mountainbike clubs, seeking to optimize their group training and training environment.

Endura Consulting has its origins in Denmark, but is now based in Madrid, offering training and coaching locally and well as worldwide on an online basis.

Datos de contacto:

Jacob Lund Agger


+34 651 619 313 / +45 26 73 69 10

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