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Promoción de nuestro socio Jesper Nissen

D. Jesper Nissen: Gerente de Operaciones con gran experiencia y éxito busca nuevos retos en Copenhague/Executive Director with exceptional experience wants challenges in Copenhagen

I am executive director at a security company in Southern Spain with an international environment. I have successfully implemented many of the tools acquired in connection with my MBA in the company. My leadership style is always situational and focused on motivation and the employees’ development. One of my strengths is to stay abreast of the situation. I thrive on having a goal and going for it. I am strong in adversity and act quickly in stressful situations. After many years abroad and achieving positive results, I am now ready to return to Denmark to pursue new professional challenges and meet family priorities.


Contact Jesper Nissen: nissenjdk@gmail.com

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