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Bienvenido nuevo socio particular Anna Marie Jensen

Anna Marie Jensen: General Management, CEO – Personal Assistant

Change, organisation and project management. International sales, customer and market research based on customer profitability. Management of www.airbnb.com/rooms/203843.

Danish citizen, worked in France for 20 years, past 13 years between Spain, Denmark and Switzerland. Wide background from from multinational companies in engineering, shipping and distribution of industrial components as General Manager, Functional Manager and Executive Management Assistant. 

Solid experience in streamlining acquired companies to be operational with head office with high emphasise on efficiency. Through the Danish Embassy in Paris knowledge of most industrial and consumer sectors. Senior Executive in one of the most important mink farms in Europe. Wide experience in live animal (Charolais) international negotiations. 

On-going studies at the University of Barcelona since 2011, currently Spanish English philology with the goal of becoming state certificated Spanish-Danish translator upon a Master in Spanish. In parallel studying EAE in Barcelona (Executive MBA).

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