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Bienvenido Henrik Lumholdt como socio

Con enorme placer le damos la bienvenida a Henrik Lumholdt, danés de origen que lleva muchos años en España. Es un experto y profesional en temas economicos y mercados internacionales.
Henrik Lumholdt is a seasoned finance professional with more than 30 years of experience analyzing and tracking international markets and economies. He is a partner of Copenhagen Allocation Partner, an advisory firm for international institutional investors, and has been an adjunct professor of economics and finance at IE Business School in Madrid since 2001, having won numerous prizes for outstanding teaching.

He is passionate about “big picture” trends in the world, including both economic, geopolitical, and financial changes, and is currently collaborating with Origo Consulting in developing a Global Risk Management service for international businesses.

Henrik was until recently the Chief Investment Strategist for Spain’s largest asset management company, BBVA AM. Previous positions include Chief Economist for Bank of America, Spain, Head of Fixed Income Research at FG/Merrill Lynch, and Senior Economist at Nordea Bank.

He is the author of Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation: An Integrated Approach, https://www.amazon.com/Strategic-Tactical-Asset-Allocation-Integrated/dp/3319895532

Datos de contacto:
Henrik Lumholdt
Inside Economics: http://insideecon@gmail.com

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