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Welcome/Bienvenido Brandarmies as a member

En estos días especiales de lucha en conjunto contra el COVID19, es un gran placer dar la bienvenida a un nuevo socios que además presenta una novedad para Pymes y emprendedores, os invitamos a leer su descripción abajo:

Brandarmies.com – Company presentation

Brandarmies.com is structured influencer marketing with common people. Our target group is entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses (brands) for whom we have made possible to build their own team of pico influencers (branders). Through them they can promote products and services on social media.

Traditionally influencer marketing has been reserved for mega influencers and larger companies. Brandarmies has made it possible for very small influencers and businesses to make use of influencer marketing. Through word of mouth brands effectively target the right audience.

Our vision is to bring trustworthy pico influencer marketing to common people and small and medium-sized businesses. Brandarmies wants to give everyone the opportunity to partner up with their favorite brands.

In the segment of influencer marketing where Brandarmies operates we have no known competitors. Focusing on small and mediumsized companies as well as pico influencers

Brandarmies organization consists of nine permanent employees and three external advisors. The organization is made of developers, writers, salespeople, marketing managers, SoMe managers, advisors and CEO/founder.

Anders Bøg Holm

Founder & CEO

brandarmies ApS

Cvr.: 40635130

Finsensvej 80A

2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark

M: abh@brandarmies.com

W: brandarmies.com

T: +45 60 24 97 75

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