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Bienvenido nuevo socio ELECTRONIC ARTS (EA)

Es un gran placer dar la bienvenida a ELECTRONIC ARTS como socio empresa de la Cámara Hispano Danesa.

ELECTRONIC ARTS además de producción en sus estudios en Madrid, tiene ofertas (busca y emplea personas) de trabajos muy interesantes para nativos de múltiples idiomas, desde danés (u otros idiomas nórdicos) a alemán, francés y un largo etcétera… (más de 20 idiomas) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2gGw21Co7A&feature=youtu.be

EA Madrid is an important international localization studio for video games in Europe. A multitude of jobs are found there too, from Computer Engineers and Producers to Sound and Linguistic Specialists. The work in this division provides hundreds of localized versions of EA’s titles to countries in Europe, the Near East and South America. EA has built a cutting-edge technology center in Spain that covers needs for both current and next generation platforms.

On any given day in our Madrid office, you’re likely to overhear conversations in anything from French or Arabic to Norwegian or Turkish. We’re a multicultural bunch here in Madrid, with over twenty different nationalities represented, and even more during the summer months. Each year between May and August, we hire over 250 Videogame Testers to test our latest releases, making sure they are nothing less than perfect before launch!

The Madrid office is located in a modern business park on the outskirts of the city (near Barajas airport). Close to major roads and public transport, the business park offers a wide range of options after business hours, from landscaped green spaces to a jogging circuit, paddle courts, restaurants, and a hotel.

In the Madrid office you can find a dynamic, young and multicultural environment where each employee plays an important role in this exciting organization. Join us!

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