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Bienvenido Kim Due Jensen como socio

Un enorme placer dar la bienvenida a Kim Due Jensen como miembro de nuestros colectivos.

Kim Due Jensen tiene varias actividades profesionales como podeis comprobar abajo en la presentación, tanto en España como en Italia (o Dinamarca).

Hemos colaborado en una visita hace muy poco de casi 50 empresarios de Rotary de Dinamarca al norte de España donde contamos con la aportación de la empresa https://www.pindstrup.es/ y su director Allan Jorgensen sobre experiencias y visiones de hacer negocios en España  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/camarahispanodanesa_c%C3%A1mara-hispano-danesa-organizamos-reuni%C3%B3n-activity-7115773831901814784-mPZm?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

Kim Due ApS

I run a consultant business in Customer relation programs, using experiences to create strong personal connection for key customers, in leader groups and as well to build company spirit. All programs are tailor made and will be created threw a dialogue with the client, underlining corporate values and strategies.

I draw on a 28 year long road of 50 + arrangements each year. All tailored to the detail. My network is strong, I open difficult doors, I organize solutions with sports, concerts and are a trusted partner in the hospitality business with the likes of UEFA, ATP tournaments, and the big football clubs. I also have extensive experience with company strategy facilitators – fex testing communications skills in company leadergroups threw expeditions travels experiences on using the Camino trails or fex in the extreme nature of Greenland.

CasaDue https://casadue.dk/

A property investment company powered by tourism. I find, build, run property in area´s where high end tourism gives nice rental numbers and create earnings in buying / selling. It is “good life” project where I take investors under my wings, create moments with joy and happiness – while we create a property business and earn money.

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