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lunes, julio 15, 2024

VESTAS se incorpora como socio patrocinador

Nuestro socio desde hace años y ganador del Premio Emprendedor Hispano Danés del año 2011, se ha decidido apoyar a nuestra Cámara Hispano Danesa en condición de Socio Patrocinador. http://www.vestas.com/

  1. For more than 30 years, Vestas has operated in the field of wind power. With 55 GW of installed capacity and installations in over 70 countries, Vestas is the world’s leading and most global manufacturer of wind power solutions. In the years ahead, as wind will come to represent a growing proportion of the combined energy supply, Vestas must consolidate its position as the leading brand in renewable energy in a market characterised by intense competition.
  2. Vestas is determined to keep bringing down the cost of wind energy to ensure business case certainty for our customers and prove wind to be a competitive energy source. This is the idea behind our vision of “Bringing Wind on par with Oil and Gas”.



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