Bienvenido nuevo socio TAPAS PROPERTIES

Como siempre un placer dar la bienvenida a un nuevo socio, TAPAS PROPERTIES, /  en este caso una empresa con raíces danesas/inglesas (en España) y sobre todo una oferta muy interesante y unos innovadores métodos: TAPAS PROPERTIES – WE DON’T SELL PROPERTIES, WE HELP PEOPLE BUY PROPERTIES, AT THE RIGHT PRICE, EVERY TIME! Tapas Properties is a dedicated Buyer´s Agent, we only represent property buyers, we are professional estate agents, but negotiating on behalf of the buyers, looking out for the property buyers interests. No Stress, nothing to worry about, we give you peace of mind – Guaranteed. Several surveys tell the same story; more than 50% of estate agents surveyed confirm that property buyers could have achieved a bigger reduction on the sales price, saving them up to tens of thousands of Euros, if a professional Buyer´s agent had negotiated the deal for them, instead of trying to do it themselves THIS IS HOW IT WORKS IN 3 EASY STEPS: 1. Find your dream property on a website, it could be the  website, or it could be any estate agents´ website on the Costa del Sol 2. Give us the reference number of the property, we will contact the vendor and find out anything you want to know about the property. If you want to see the property, we will arrange the viewing and come with you to assist and help you as your property adviser. 3. If you decide to buy the property, we will first examine all possibilities to reduce the price, then set out a strategy for our negotiations, negotiate firmly and professionally on your behalf, to make you save a lot of money, and finally help you with all the paperwork. Ouer social media: Info: